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2006 TA30 Terex Dumptruck

2006 TA30 Terex Dumptruck

Serial Number – A8941109

Reverse Camera

2018 NEW 6T Thwaites Straight Tip Dumper

New Un-Used 2018 Thwaites 6T Straight Tip Dumper,

C/W Road Lights,

Green Beacon,


2018 Thwaites 3T Swivel Dumper

Thwaites 3t Swivel Dumper


Serial Number E1544

440 Hours

Benford 4T Straight Dumper

Benford 4T Straight Dumper

Serial Number – SLBDRNOOE501HX001

2220 Hours

Muir Hill 101 Tractor & 20 Ton Muir Hill Dump Trailer

We believe this very rare Muir Hill 101 Tractor & 20 Ton Muir Hill Dump Trailer is 1 of only 2 in existence, and possibly the only one left in the world with an original Muir Hill’s patented ‘Hydra Hitch’ fitted!

Originally supplied to British Gypsum in Kirkby Thore, Penrith on the 2nd April 1970 the tractor can be seen with its original build sheet and Muir Hill brochure.
Available to buy – call 07790 370 368

Terex PT 6 AWS Dumper

Terex PT 6 AWS Dumper

EPA Compliant

Serial Number – SLBDDNOOE411EH035

Terex PT7 – AWS Dumper 4x4x4

Terex PT7 – AWS Dumper

EPA Compliant

4 x 4 x 4

Serial Number – SLBDDNOOE501ES002