We are a proud farming family who believe that moving with the times is great for business. Our 2,000 acre farm is situated in the beautiful countryside of South East Cornwall. Alongside our main arable rotations, we have two wind turbines and several acres of solar panels, providing renewable energy to the surrounding area.

We are actively looking for further farming opportunities in the South West, contact Will on 07770 857 177 to discuss.

Latest News

Grain Maize October 2021

Grain Maize harvest has started 3-4 weeks earlier than normal with very respectable yields so far. We are putting the earlier harvest down to the fact that we planted the maize early to maximise the benefits of planting under the degradable film. This year it seems to be paying off.
Once harvested, this will be taken back to the drying plant and then sent off for animal feed. 

Harvest Time is Never Easy
Harvest 2021 has been a very stop-start affair due to the great British summer! We’ve been grabbing opportunities between the showers which in turn has meant lots of drying time. Bond Farms have two 30 tonne grain driers which have been our saviour this year, but higher moisture content has meant that the crop has been drying for up to 5 hours at a time. Yields this year have been slightly below average caused mainly by the 260 millimetres of rain we experienced during May, with our teams working relentless and long hours to get the harvest in, when the weather allowed, of course.
Harvest time is never easy and no sooner had we started the harvest, we were loading lorries to fulfil our harvest movement contracts, which amounted to 560 tonnes of oats and 700 tonnes of wheat. With each load requiring a Crop Passport which is generated and given to the haulier, verifying that all crops have been produced to the Red Tractor standard, harvest is an exacting task. As we near the end of our oats and wheat harvest for this year, the team continues to be busy, some cultivating, and other spreading broiler manure in preparation for the planting of the 2022 crops. 
August has also seen our ‘growing partners’ harvest their own crops of salad potatoes and calabrese, and September will see us replanting next year’s oats and wheat crop, but our harvesting is still not yet complete as we will bring in our grain maize in late October, early November. So, keep your eyes on our YouTube and social media pages for the latest updates, pictures and videos of the team at work!

WH Bond & Trerule Farm is 2021 i-Farm
As agricultural innovators, WH Bond are extremely proud to have been chosen to be the Agrii’s South West i-Farm for 2021 for a second year running. The i-Farm initiative is a network of sites across the UK, hosted by Agrii clients, where the farming community can view demonstrations of new agronomic innovations and discuss how they can be put into practice on the farm. Every i-Farm will highlight how these innovations can be adopted into real farming practice, through an engaging events programme to keep farmers and agronomists abreast of the latest varieties, management systems and technologies to aid productivity and profitability. 


 We have a selection of feeds available to buy in bulk, 500kg Bags or 20 kgs Plastic Bags.
Feeds include –
Whole Maize
Cracked Maize
Wheat / Maize Mix
60% Wheat – 40% Cracked Maize, however this can be adjusted to suit customer requirements.
Further mixtures available on  request to include , Oats, Millet, Linseed, Sunflowers, Rape Seed, Peas and etc.