The FG1 Fencing Grant is a scheme available for countryside stewardship, aimed at assisting with livestock control, protecting environmental features, and preserving habitats.
At Bond Timber, we proudly supply gold treated stakes that meet the HSE-approved industrial wood preservative, complying with Use Class 4 as defined in BS8417:2014 ‘Preservation of Wood – Code of Practice’, which is a requirement for the grant.
We have two treatment vessels dedicated to treating all our tanalised timber. Our gold treated stakes are specifically chosen for this scheme and are made of high-quality pine. Prior to applying our gold treatment, they are dried to a moisture content of 28% or below. This treatment ensures a 30-year service life, surpassing the industry standard.
Our gold standard treatment is set at double the strength of UC4, which is essential for ground contact. The timber undergoes a 5-hour treatment process in the tank, compared to the standard 1.5 hours. This extended treatment duration allows for deeper penetration of the preservative, offering superior protection against the elements and significantly prolonging the desired service life of our products.
As the only timber supplier in the country to provide WPA Approved fencing stakes with a 30-year guarantee, we take pride in offering the highest quality and durability.

We also meet the FG2: sheep netting requirements, our galvanized estate wire stock fencing pairs perfectly with our gold treated stakes.

For more information on the grant look on FG1: Fencing – GOV.UK ( and see if you are eligible.
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