As proud sponsors of the Tavistock Cricket Club, we thought it only fair to put their skills to the test with a match – Tavistock Cricket Club VS WH Bond!


As TCC proudly walked around in their all whites donned with the Bond Timber logo, the WH Bond team looked on with nervousness in their mismatched outfits looking more like a motley crew than an official cricket team (bar a few in their all whites)  I think we took safety over fashion!  We are very proud of TCC and all they have achieved, they really do us proud!

As the game proceeded with WH Bond batting first, we scored some good points and made great runs (in our opinion!) TCC were getting nervous with our ever rising score, we thought we had this in the bag! Was it a fluke or genuine talent from the WH Bond team?  We may not know cricket as well as TCC but I think its safe to say we know how to hit a ball bloomin’ hard! Our run may not have been as elegant or as agile as TCC but we got them done! We thought we were on to a winner….

And then TCC were batting and I don’t think I’ve seen a cricket ball fly quite as far as it did! WH Bond team could hardly keep up with it, we had Micheal Prowse running left right and center, Ben Williams looking under bushes along with Martin Budden making for quite a laugh! Martin Rowe and Andy Pearce looked like right gentlemen in their all whites, and the Junior Bonds playing better than most! We fought a good a fight and played our hardest, we must have run a marathon chasing after TCC’s hits but by God it was worth it (even just for the burgers and beers after!)

We had our very own Sean Getson as umpire although we aren’t quite sure how accurate the scoring was after he started to bring his ciders on the pitch but he seemed to know what he was doing more than most so we thought best not to question him!


In the end, after the game was well played and we had sweat on our brow, it was time for the score and you know what? I think we were all pleasantly surprised with a …..




In a wonderful turn of events, it was a tie! Whether WH Bond can actually play cricket or TCC took it easy on us (potentially the latter) it was a cracker of an evening either way!  However, I don’t think you will be seeing a WH Bond Cricket team in the league any time soon!