Hello all, here is just a little insight as to what our machines can get up to when on hire…

These past few weeks we have had a few of our machines on hire to a wonderful, not for profit charity called REACCH. REACCH provides specialist autism training and consultancy across age ranges and settings introducing the use of TEACCH approach to schools, colleges, residential and employment settings. REACCH is only one of a few places in the UK that deliver this form of training. REACCH training has provided training in autism and the Structured TEACCHing approach for 50-100 people each year since it began.

They also have the REACCH Project which provides mostly for young people and adults who have autism and high functioning abilities, but also provides some placement for those with autism and moderate to severe learning difficulties. The REACCH Project uses the Structured TEACCHing approach to promote the learning of social, employability and life skills and provides strategies and programmes that are totally bespoke to each person who accesses this provision.  To find out more about this programme and how you can get involved, click the link here : 

They used our machines to fix the road leading up to their farm. Their farm is where the magic happens, its where the training is held and where the adults and young people get the support they need and have the opportunity to learn new skills such as woodwork, mosaics, art, furniture upholstery, digital media, horticulture, animal welfare, architecture and so much more including practical skills such as maths, English, employability and social skills. The farm is the heart of the enterprise and the road leading to it had become virtually inaccessible to people in certain vehicles and this became a huge problem. With the hard work from the founder’s husband and the helping hand from our very own Jimmy Dawe, they have been able to turn the road from hair-raising to perfectly idyllic.

Here are a some photos of the farm with a few snippets of the activities/lessons they do over there and of course, a few pictures of our machines putting in some hard work! We are more than happy and delighted to be working with such inspirational and kind-hearted people!