Summer House project

Thank you to James at Bentley for the images of Siberian larch cladding that Bond Timber recently supplied for a project. The larch was machined on site at Bond Timber using our multi header moulder from selected sawfalling Siberian larch.


Facts about Larch from the Timber Decking & Cladding Association-

Heartwood is moderately durable, sometimes slightly durable –may require pressure treatment.

It is very resinous so best left natural (uncoated) but will take exterior grade oils.

Use screw fixings as tends to split on nailing, pre-drilling recommended particularly at board ends.

Larch is best for simpler, overlapping profiles due to movement properties. Not recommended for T&G profiles > 120mm wide. 


For more information about Larch please contact Bond Timber  on 01503 240 308