1970 DOE 5100

1970 DOE 5100

1970 Doe 5100

2 Wheel Drive

Very rare

Rear tyres 16.9 x 34 (95% good)

Front 7.5 x 16 (80% good)

Reg: KVX 475J

The Doe D5100 is an extremely rare tractor, it was introduced in 1970 to meet the demands for a manoeuvrable high speed two wheel drive tractor with a six cylinder engine, mainly for completing pto and high speed cultivation work.

The tractor is based on a Ford 5000 6Y and is fitted with a mighty 98hp Ford 2704E industrial engine, housed in a cast iron hull supplied by EVA of Belgium. The output was a significant increase from the 75hp produced by the standard 5000 power unit. The tractor was assembled at Ulting, where it was fitted with power steering, Doe’s own hydraulic assistor ram kit and shod with 14×34 wheels and tyres as standard. The tractor was officially launched at the Doe Show in February 1971, with a list price of £2,850 to include a Duncan safety cab to meet the latest regulations. It is widely believed that only five or six D5100’s were assembled at Ulting, as the introduction of the tractor was met with some disdain from the Ford Motor Company, as they felt that they could shorten the life of the transmissions, but more importantly Ford had its own 100hp tractor in development the Ford 7000. They were due to release the tractor at the 1971 Smithfield Show and didn’t want to face competition from its own dealers. There was also some concern over how the crown-wheel and pinion would stand up the additional power supplied by the 6cylinder engine.

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