Kilhallon Flood Embankment

The flood wall preparation and accessibility issues were the same for the flood embankment preparation works however, once the flood works were completed the Rootlok wall flood bank build could begin.

A foundation was dug so that two bags would be buried and provide a solid base although, as the works started the designers made a major change which added approximately 3000 more bags to the scheme, so now the total number of Rootlok were 10,500, meaning 375 pallets of 28 bags would need to be loaded in the compound and delivered to the end of the flood bank each time totalling 188 journeys with a small truck.

A fence line had to be installed to mark the boundary of the property, all posts had to be in place before the bags meaning the bags had to be engineered to fit around each post.

A team of eight had to hand lay each of the 10,500 bags. A lot of time was spent sourcing and testing suitable subsoils. Once finding the correct material it was brought to site, tipped in the compound, before being reloaded into dumpers and taken up the access track. From here it was spread thinly onto the new bank before being compacted.

All bags were hydro seeded by a specialist contractor.

We are proud to announce we won a BALI award for this project in 2023- Soft Landscaping Construction (non-domestic) over £500k.