Bond Bespoke Contracting

As part of our works for Kier at the Par St Blazey Flood Alleviation Scheme, the W.H.Bond team are currently covering steel sheet piles with a very smart timber capping.

The sheet piles are part of the flood alleviation works being carried out and this section of the project runs through a holiday park. Therefore to give a more aesthetically pleasing finish the design covers the piles with a timber capping structure.

The carpenters drill into the piles in order to create an attachment point for the 30-year treated softwood timber frame. The piles have a certain amount of tolerance but our frame needs to be constructed so it is completely square. Therefore the team have worked hard to trim or pack out every vertical holding timber to produce a straight & true line which accommodates the covering timber sections. It is also essential that every bolt going through the pile is fitted with a rubber washer to ensure that in the event of a flood, there is nowhere for the water to escape! The finished capping is in the form of 1400mm x 240mm x 40mm Oak units which are drilled & attached to the frame. As you will see from the pictures it gives an amazing finish.