At our 2018 Christmas staff party, we held a charity raffle in aid of Parkinson’s UK. £1500 was raised and kindly donated to the Mid Cornwall branch of Parkinson’s UK.

Chris Maycock was delighted to accept the cheque on Parkinson’s UK behalf and is pictured here with Keith Mutton at Bond Timber.

The local Parkinson’s support group meets on the first Thursday of the month at 2.30 pm in St. James Church Hall, Torpoint. Call Jane Davis on 01752 822870.

Parkinson’s Disease is associated in the public mind with what can be seen. The older person, the tremor, the strange ways of walking, the slurred speech.
But seeing is not knowing.  The disease can strike from early adult life.
It disrupts careers, it shakes families. For those diagnosed, it cuts to the core of your being and relationships. It may have significant psychological consequences. The gold standard treatment is now 50 years old. It deals only with the symptoms, which become more difficult to manage as time goes by. In short, as a life sentence, it’s not a lot of fun. But it is not a prison unless you make it so.
This tells us that Parkinson’s Disease is a complex Research challenge, and of most importance on this occasion that those with Parkinson’s Disease may need help, as may those around them.
Chris commented, “That’s what our Branch of Parkinson’s UK is here for, that’s why we are grateful your handsome donation, and that’s what we’ll use it for.”